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Gene's Tips #5

Updating your Spektrum Transmitter


     I recently helped Jack and Alex setup new planes in their DX9 & DX18 radios.  I couldn't just copy model setups from my radios as their radios were on different firmware issues.  I went ahead and updated Jack's DX9 to the latest firmware (2.01) and copied my setup for his new Minimoa.  I also updated Alex's DX18 TX to the older (1.20) firmware and copied my Supra program for him.


     This process of sharing files is very easy if we are all on the latest/same firmware.   If you haven't updated your firmware and sound files go to http://www.spectrumrc.com log in and download the newest updates.  Latest firmware update is 2.01 and there are new sound files as well.


     My DX9 & DX18 are now on 2.01.  Catch up!  


     Let me know if I can help.


     Gene T.