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Useful Links for beginners.

Thunderbolt RC  wing servo harness for JR Hardware.  Micro and mini fasteners.  for the beginner.  Basics in everything.  RC Soaring Digest (the Bible).  Good site for tips, RCSD, videos, magazines.  Spectrum DX7 Programming Guide.   LSF information.  Building battery packs.

Aero towing

Links for Hand Launch

RC Groups


General Interest Links

Adhesives (Info, All Types)(X) (Info, All Types) (Info, CA) (Epoxy) (UK) (M.A.N. Article, Adhesives)

Aerial Photography (Also see FPV, Flight Data) (Remote Control Aerial Photography Association)

Aerobatics + 3D (, Fred!) (, Tom!) (, Frank!) (3D Videos)

Aerodynamics, Airfoils, Model Design (X) (Airfoil + Wing Design) (Full-Scale Aerodynamics) (Sailplane Airfoils) (Kline/Folleman KF Airfoil) (Jedelsky Airfoil From Dep Foam) (Scale Conversion Calculator, , Frank!) (Tail Volume Coefficient) (Longitudinal Stability) (Washout-Explained) (Wing Loading Chart) (Basic Model Design Parameters) , JetPlaneFlyer!

Ailes; See Control Systems

Airbrushes, Parts (AU)

Antenna; See Radio Control Transmitters, Receivers, Accessories


Autopilots; See Gyros, Autopilots, Failsafe Devices

Balsa Suppliers, Plywood, Spruce, Information (X) (UK) (UK) (, !) (, !) (, Tom!) (Aircraft Spruce, Balsa) , !

Battery, Basics (X) (LiPoly Safety Precautions, Info)

Battery Chargers, Balancers, Test Equipment; Voltmeters, Wattmeters (UK) (UK) (UK) (Micro) (UK) (Battery Charger Balance Connectors, Harness, Accessories) (12V Power Supply From Old PC) , ! (12V Power Supply Links)

Battery Eliminator Circuitry (BEC), Battery Voltage Regulators 
Low Voltage Cut-OFF (LVC) (X)

Batteries, Suppliers (UK) (UK) (A123 Packs, Charger) (Single Cells + Packs, LiPo, NiMh, Nicad)

Battery Voltage Regulator (RX Battery) (Voltage Isolator)

BEC, UBEC See Battery Eliminator Circuity

Beginners, Basic R/C Also See Glossary (X) (Radio Systems, Explained) (R/C Transmitter, Receiver, Servos, Frequencies, TX Modes, Explained) (Wiring ESC, Rx, Servos)

Books (, Home Page, See Section "M". UK)

Building, Articles, Links, Books: See Scratch Building

Building Supplies; See Tools

Bungee Launcher See Flying Site Equipment

Calcs; See Electric Motor Calculators

Canopies, Pilot Figures, Scale Details (Canopies) (Heat-shaping Canopies From Plastic Bottles) (Masking + Painting Canopies) Coloring And Tinting Canopies) (Click On "Aircraft Accessories" Then "Scale Accessories"; Canopies, Pilot Figures, Scale Instruments, Dummy Engines, Cowls) (Pilot Figures) (1/7th, 1/8th Pilot Figures) (M.A.N. Article, DIY Canopies) (Pilot Figures, Decal, Insignia Sheets) (Pilot Figures) (Pilot Figures) (Pilot Figures) (Pilot Figures, 1/10. 1/12, 1/14, 1/15, 1/16, 1/17, 1/19, 1/20. All Military. (Pilot Figures, , !) (" " ") (Pilot Figures, Decals, Scale Insignia) (Pilot Figures, Bombs, Missles, Engines)

Carbon Fiber See Composites

Catapult Launcher See Flying Site Equipment

Center Of Gravity (C.G., C of G) Information Also See Aerodynamics, Flight Trimming

Center Of Gravity (G.G., C of G) Testers See Tools

Combat (R/C Aircraft Combat) (Glow + Electric Powered Combat) (Slope Combat, Links)

Composites, Information (X) (Foam Densities, Weights) (Hot Wire Foam Cutting Tutorial) (D-Box Composite Tutorial) (X) (Balsa-Sheeting Foam Wings) (" " ") (" " ")

Composites, Suppliers (G10, G11 Sheets) (UK) (Dep, Polystyrene, Blue foam, CNC foam wing cutting, Carbon rod, strip, cloth, tow. UK) (Carbon Fiber Rods, Strips, Landing Gear, Servo Arms) (Composite Parts; Main Landing Gear, Spinners, Rods, Tailwheel Assemblies, Flat Panels) (Kevlar Thread) (Kevlar Thread, Shock Cord) (Custom Foam Cutting) (Foam Cutting Tools) (DIY Foam Cutter) (Hot Wire Cutting Info, Links (DIY Foam Cutter) (Foam wing cores, pre-cut. Many sizes and shapes) (Foam Wing Cores) , !

Connectors, Wiring-Electrical (UK) (EC3, Bullet, Deans Micro, 3-Pin, 4-Pin, Ultra, Banana, JST, Tamiya)

Control Line Flying (U-Control) (World-Wide Links) (Orgs, Clubs, Links) (History) (Links to Suppliers) (Kits, Accessories, Finishing Materials) (Timer for Electric Control Line)

Control Systems, Information (Hinges; Types, Uses, Adhesives) (Making Hinges From I-On Material) (Terms; Flapes, Spoiles, Crow Mixing, Elevons, Modes, Dual Rates, Exponential "V" Tail) (X) ("V" Tail) (Aile Torque Rods + Differential, Photos + Text) (Pushrod and control surface connections, explained)  Chellie + Aeerd! (Pull Pull) (Pull Pull) (X) (Pull Pull) (Ackerman Effect For Pull-Pull) , Rodneh!

Control Systems, Supplies Also See Gyros, Autopilots, Mixers (Control Arms, Pushrods, Cable, Linkage) (Blenderm Tape) (Hinges, Control Horns) (Sullivan Pushrods, Clevis') (Pushrods, Clevis, Control Horns, Torque Rod Sets) (Rotary Driver System, RDS)

Covering and Finishing, Information (X) (Foam) (X) (Types of covering, Tutorials on covering types. I-On, Silk, airbrushing, etc.) (X) (Water-Based Polyurathane (WBP) Over Fiberglass Cloth) (Temperature Settings For Covering, popular Brands) (Lettering, Numbers From I-On Material) (Silk over Balsa, , !) (Japanese Tissue over Balsa, "") (Silk With Polycryllic over Foam, "") (Patching Film Coverings, "") (Weights of Covering Materials)

Covering And Finishing, Materials (Coating For Foam Finishes) (PolyCover, LiteSpan, SuperFabric, SuperKote) (UK) (Tissue, Silkspan Dope) (Colored Sealing Tape)

Decals, Decal Paper, Graphics; (Graphics) (Decals) (Graphics, UK) (Graphics) (Decals, UK) (Graphics) (Vinyl Graphics, Decals)

Differential: See Control Systems

DIY Brushless Motors (Photo-Illustrated Tutorial On DIY Motors) (X) ! (DIY Tips and Tricks) ! (UK)

Electric Ducted Fans (EDF) (EDF Info, Links) (AU) (Taiwan, R.O.C,) (UK)

Electric Motors, Basics (X) (Brushed vs Brushless, Explained) (Choosing An Electric Power System For Your Model) (Re-Timing Brushed Electric Motors. Photos and Text) (Water Break-In, Brushed Motors) (Testing Brushless Motors) ! (Electrical Connectors, Tests. Site In German,) " "

Electric Motor, Calculators (Free) (Free) (Power Train ****, Free) (Complilation of Calculators)

Electric Motor, Accessories (Also See Geardrives, Electic Speed Controllers, Propellers, Motor Mounts) (UK) (Micro)

Electric Motors, Manufacturers + Distributors
(Moved to "Power Systems" Forum) Go here;

Electic Speed Controllers (ESC) (X) (ESC DIY Design, Brushless) , ! (ESC Diy Design, Brushed) " " (Micro)

Elevator, Elevons: See Control Systems

Fiberglass See Composites

Flaps: See Control Systems

Flight Data, Inflight Recording Devices, Telemetry (Also see FPV, Aerial Photography (UK)

Flight Simulators See Simulators

Flight Trimming (X)

Flying Site Equipment (Flight Box, Electric) (Flight Boxes, UK) (Frequency Scanner) (Bungee, UK) (Glider Winch) (Glider Winch) (Plans For DIY Catapult Launcher) (Bungee Launcher) (Bungee Launcher) (DIY Pylons For Racing) (Radar Gun-Airspeed) (Portable 12V Power Supplies)

Foam See Composites, Covering And Finishing Techniques, Covering And Finishing Materials

FPV (R/C Video Piloting) (Info, Links)

Free Flight (Timers + Power Systems For E-Free Flight) UK (F.A.I. Competition Free Flight Kits and Built Models, F1A, F1B, F1C, F1E, F1J. Circle-Towhooks, Towline, Composite Material, more) (F.A.I. Competition models, Accessories, Tools) (UK) (Club Site, Great Articles!)

Frequency Scanner See Flying Site Equipment

Gearboxes, Geardrives (X) (Mega, MP Jet, Permax, PKZ, Promaxx, VK Geardrives) (Cobri, Inner Demon Geardrives) (Micro)

Gliders See Soaring

Glossary, model Aviation Terms

Graphite; See Composites

Gyros, Autopilots, Failsafe Devices, Mixers (Gyro FAQs) (Flight Stabilization Systems) (Autopilot) (Autopilot) (V-Tail, Elevon Mixer) (Gyros, Low Battery Warning, Failsafe) (failsafe, UK) (Airborne Systems Monitor) (Gyros)

Hardware (Nuts, Bolts, Screws, etc)

Helicopters (International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association)

High Start See Flying Site Equipment

Hinges See Control Systems

Hotliners (F5B) (A Typical F5B Model)

Indoor Flying See Micro + Indoor Models

Jetex, Rapier Jet (History of Jetex, Links) (UK) (UK)

Kevlar See Composites


Landing Gear, Wheels, Retracts, Skids, Skis, Floats (UK) (Upgraded "Slow Stick" L.G.) (Composite Landing Gear, Many Sizes) (Micro Air Retracts) (M.A.N. Article, Skis + Floats) (Floats) (Floats, Wood Kits) (Floats, Wood Kits. 4 Sizes) (GWS Floats) (Floats)

Laser Cutting (, Big Johnny!)

Lighting Systems, Night Flying (DIY Lighting)

Micro + Indoor Models (Online Site, Micro Forum) (Online Site, Micro Forum) (Online Site, Micro forum) (Online site, FF, C/l, R/C, Micro Forum) (Indoor Flying Links) (DVD by Bob Aberle, Indoor + Micro Models) (UK) (UK) (UK) UK) (UK) (Plans) (Micro Warbirds, foam ARF)

Modeling Organizations and Special Interest Groups Federation Aeautique Internationale (FAI) Academy Of Model Aeautics (AMA) International Clubs and Organizations U.S. Clubs, Organizations and Special Interest Groups (World-Wide Modeling Orgs, Links, Clubs and Vendors)

Motor Mounts (Info, Tips) (UK) (UK)

Ornithopters, RC (Links) (French Orni Site. Translation Available) Free Flight Orni Kit)

Plans, 3-Views, Scale Details and References (Plans) (3-Views, Warbirds) (16 Links to More Links, All Free Plans) (Northrop + Horten Flying Wings, Plans) (3-Views) (Plans) (plans) (Plans) (Plans) (Reference For 3-Views in U.S. Magazines) (Plans) (Plans) (Plans) (Plans, Free) (3-Views, Plans, Free) (Free) (Plans From Model Airplane News) (Plans For Dep Pusher Prop Jets, Free. , !) (Foam Slope Glider Plans and 3-views, Free) (3-Views) (Click on "Blueprints", free 3-views. , Grubbyjeans!) (Plans) (Markings, Warbirds);cat=2 (Free Plans, but site requires registration to download. No charge) (Links to More Plans!) (Plans) (Plans) (Plans) (Scale Markings, Warbirds) (Scale Markings, Insignia, Logos) (Plans From Aeromodeller + Scale Aircraft magazines)

Propellers, Fixed (Basics) (X) (Basics; , Flydiver!) (Prop Balancers) (Prop Balancer) (Spinners) (Large props, glow and electric) (Fixed + Folding, UK) (Fixed + Folding) (Fixed + Folding) (AU) (Variable-Pitch) (Wobbly Adaptors, "O" Rings, Deans Style, Bullet Connectors)

Propellers, Folding (UK) (UK) (Folding Props, Spinners, Hubs, Adapters. Hong Kong)

Pylon Racing, Electric (F5D) (Links) (UK) (Electric + Glow Pylon ARFs, F/G + Foam)

Radio Control, Transmitters, Receivers, Accessories (Info) (X) (TX Control Modes, Explained. Also Has Heli Modes) (Books on Computer Radios) (Experiments With Shortening + Wrapping Rx Antenna, , Flydiver!) (Receivers, Castle Creations Berg) (Receivers, 72Mhz) (Recievers, 72Mhz) (Receivers) (Receivers, FMA Direct) UK (Receivers, Alpex, Berg, Castle Creations Berg, Cirrus, Hitec, JR, MPI, Spektrum, Pico) (Receivers, Schulze, Delta, FMA Direct) UK (2.4 GHz For All Radios. , !) (DIY TX Tray) (Micro Rx Antenna) (Tx "Power Duck" Antenna) (Tx "Rubber Duck" Antenna) (Rx, Tx, Antenna) (Tx Base-Loaded Whip Antenna) (Tx Base-Loaded Whip Antenna)

Retracts (See Landing Gear)

Sailplanes (See Soaring)

Scale Details (See Canopies, Pilot Figures, Scale Details)

Scratch Building, Articles, Links, Books (Book) (Books) (Pat Tritles' Scale Builders Page)
, Mike! (Scratch Builders Forum. C/L, FF, R/C)

Servos (Specs For Most Servos) (Servo Specs, 2007) (Servo Specs) (Servos, UK) (Servos) UK (Servo Accessories)

Simulators (Flight Sims) (Free) 20+ Free Sims) (Free) (Slope Soaring Sim) (Interface Cables, Adapters)

Soaring Info R/C Gliders (League Of Silent Flight) (International Scale Soaring Association) (DLG Links, Info) (UK) (American Slope Racing Organization, F3F) (Thermal Detection) (Thermals) (Thermals, Pt. 1) (Thermals, Pt. 2) (Airfoils for Sailplanes)

Soaring Supplies (Also See Flying Site Equipment) (World-Wide Soaring Manufacturers + Distributors, Links. , Tim!) (High-Performance, Sailplane + E-Glider Links) (Composite F3J, F3B, F5B, HLG, DLG) (F3B, F3J, Electrics) (UK) (Winch) (Hi-Starts) (Bungee, Hi-Starts) (F3-B, F3-J Sailplanes. Supra, Pike, Ceres, Graphite, many more. Australia) , Huffy! (Winch, Turnaround. Autralia)

Soldering (Info)(X) (Info) UK)

SPAD (Simple Plastic Airplane Design) (Online Forum) (Links)

Tools, Building, Measuring, Testing Equipment (Aluminum, Brass, Copper Sheets, Tubing) (Tools, UK) (Allen Wrenches, Ball Link tools, Metric + Standard Hand Tools, All Types) (Razor Saws, Miter Boxes, Vises, Clamps, Pin Vise, Sanding, Cutting Tools) (Tools, UK) (Razor Plane, Balsa Stripper) (Incidence, Deflection, Heli Pitch Meters, Model Stand) (Digital Incidence + Control Throw Meter) (Incidence, Deflection Meters), Deflection Meters, C.G. Balancer, Hinge Slotter, More) (Gear Pullers, Timing Tool For Brushed Motors) (Collet Adapter Puller) (Chargers, Dischargers, Balancers, Power Analysers, 12V POwer Supply, Tachometers, Scales, Servo Tester, UK) (Pinion Puller, UK) (Pinion Puller) (Helping Hands, Hand Tools, Power Tools) (Scales) (Scales) (Scales) (Bulk Stainless Steel Scapel Blades) (Bulk Single-Edge Razor Blades) (Bulk # 11 Blades) (Bulk Excel + X-Acto # 11 Blades) (Hobby Carving + Shaping Blades) (Blades, Scapel Blades, Pin Clamps, T-Pins, other tools)

UBEC See Battery Eliminator Circuitry

Vacuum Bagging, Vacuum Molding, Info (X) (DIY Vacuum For Canopies) (Hobby-Vac, Plans, Supplies)

Vacuum Bagging, Vacuum Molding, Supplies (Also See Composites)

Videos, DVDs (UK)

Voltage Regulators See Battery Eliminator Circuitry

Voltmeters, Wattmeters, Multimeters
See Tools, Test Equipment

Washout See Aerodynamics

Wheels See Landing Gear

Wiki (E-Flight Wiki)

Wing Loading See Aerodynamics