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Gene's Equipment Tips #3 


Winch & Retriever Line

Did you ever wonder where this stuff comes from?  Is there a line fairy?  You simply place a ball of used, knotted line under your flight box overnight and it is replaced by new line in the morning.  That would be pretty neat.  Maybe that is why Gene Sellers always gathers up the old line and takes it home.


Since the line fairy never comes to my house, I buy our line from Memphis Net & Twine Company.  I think they primarily sell equipment for commercial fishermen.  Check out their website sometime.  We use " white braided nylon seine twine" for our launch equipment.  Size 24 for the winch and size 12 for the retriever.  It is sold on one pound spools.  I use one full spool plus about an extra 200 feet to completely restring the winch.  I use about 600 feet on the retriever.  If your not sure how much line to put on the retriever, run the line from the launch cart to about 100 feet past the turnaround that should be about (600') the right length.  If you put too much line on the retriever, it will cause tangles. 


Do not use twisted line.  There is a reason it is called "twisted".