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HOTSS Roster

as of 09/01/2018

HOTSS Membership List
as of 09/01/2018HOTSS Membership List
as of 09/01/2018
# Last Name First Name Email Address
1 Atkins Jason N/A
2 Barton John jasbarton at
3 Beardsley Rich n774rb at
4 Beason Mike mbeason34 at
5 Butts Ken k.butts at
6 Geigenmiller Gene egeigenmiller at
7 Higgins Walt walthiggins at
8 Holguin Alex alexholguin at
9 Jenes Serghei sjenes07 at
10 Meeks Tom tommeeks at
11 Nevill Rick rick.nevill at
12 Renker John jrenkerjr at
13 Schrader Bob schrader_00 at
14 Sellers Gene m_eugene_sellers at 
15 Setar Dave setarcru at
16 Shaw Wylie sr71blackbird at
17 Speiser Doug dspeiser at
18 Starling Mike mstarling at 
19 Trevino Gene genetrevino at
20 Van Perry wperryvan at
21 Willis Mike "Stretch" mikstretch at
22 Witteman John
jcwitteman at