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Glide and Slide Contest Format

Object: An easy to fly contest limited in scope, designed to provide an opportunity for members to refine their time keeping/estimating skills and “airplane like” landings. Short tasks and a sliding type landing.


  1. Flight: 3,5,7, 9, or11 minute rounds.  (You call 'em)

  2. Landing: A runway tape will be used. The glider must “slide” in its landing. “Dorking” type spot landings are not permitted.


  1. Any sailplane may be used.  No powered gliders. 

  2. Skids, sharks teeth, or other arresting devices are not permitted on the airplane. Tape, slick or non skid, may be on the bottom of the fuselage.

  3. A successful landing is scored 2X (double points)

  4. A “Dork” or “Nose first” landing will be scored a 0 landing for the flight.

  5. Time will be one point per second with a one second deduction for time +- the goal.